New 40-ft Reefer Container


Our Refrigerated containers are primarily used for transporting goods that need to be kept cold at all times, but that’s not their only use. Refrigerated containers can also be used as a cool room or a freezer at big functions, temporary locations and events


Buy refer containers online

Buy refer containers online. Reefers are ideal for transporting perishable cargo such as fresh produce from one location to another. It’s like having a big rugged refrigerator that you can move easily to whatever location you want.

And because reefers are essentially containers with additional modifications. They are compatible with all the handling equipment used for general purpose containers, making them that much more useful.


For large events where huge crowds are expected to attend, large amounts of food are required to feed them. Because of the sensitivity of food, cold refrigeration will be required onsite. Buy refer containers online. This is especially necessary for warmer days such as during summer.

Reefers are the perfect solution for event refrigeration as they provide all the capabilities of a traditional cold room. With the added advantage of portability. Furthermore, these units are completely independent. They have integrated gen packs and refrigeration mechanism to offer the ideal off-the-grid cold storage solution.

Reefers are used for food storage in large events such as conferences, festivals, weddings, concerts, sports events, outdoor shows among other functions.

And since it’s basically a shipping container, you can easily move it between different locations as you wish: the perfect outside catering solution!

A refrigerated container not only provides you with a cold room but also with a secure place to store your food as it is safe from vermin and theft.


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